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Big 5 Rum

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A Florida-based rum, that would pay homage to the energy of old Havana & its social clubs from the 1950’s. There were no bigger clubs than the Big Five: The Vedado Tennis Club, the Miramar Yacht Club, the Biltmore Yacht & Country club, the Havana Yacht Club, and the Casino Español. Big Five Rum celebrates the breezy, cosmopolitan leisure of those clubs and the Cuban spirit that flowed through them. Florida’s coast is only 90 miles from Cuba, and we wanted to hone in on the relationship and roots between the two exotic destinations and their legendary back-stories.

The objective was to create an aesthetic that would provide a general tone representing the Big Five clubs without directly linking to any one club in particular. The design needed to feel lavish and elevated while still being approachable. The foiled 5 is meant to feel like its floating above a large stage, such that you can almost imagine stage lights and velvet curtains in the scene. We also wanted to visually show the relationship between Florida and Cuba, so we created a double-sided label with a map on the backside. Big Five Rum now has three flavors, gold, silver, and coconut with more flavors on the way.



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